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Wong Way........Started getting out of town and realized we were going the wrong way on a one-way (Wong Way)... Then getting back on track Kim said, "I really hope I do not get eatin' by another dog", since we were startled the day before when one about bit our legs off), THEN.... What do you know, a German Shepard came out and about ran us down.

Good Times?!!!??!!!

Breakfast.....Café and Juevos... After 3 attempts of trying to get Juevos (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) Alan finally got his meal.

Seems like the easiest meal to get but instead it was seafood, steak, and who knows what the other thing was... Great Breakfast overlooking the rain forest mountains with the clouds at the tops of the mountains. Great View!!!

Cascades....Came across a turnoff that has a sign for some cascades and turned out to be amazing. The Strope boys would want to spend 2 days there if they were here. Waterfalls, swimming, tubing, canoeing, and a great astomsphere that you could easily spend a lot of time that we did not have (with many miles to cover from the zig sagging we did the day before and delay...).

We came across a dually van stacked with kayaks that came from Maryland. Short but sweet...

The license plate was a dead give away...

Autopista....Making mileage on the toll roads of Mexico.

This is a great way to travel when you want to get to the next destination and not hit 200 speed bumps (topes) along the way. Justin led the pace with his throttle deficiency. The speed control was only determined by what he was able to do. Not sure how he could stick the throttle constantly at 140km/hr, but it worked...Thankfully, since K&A would get bored at the recommended 90km/hr....

Venado.....This is a special place....No doubt since this is the town that Al's grandfather was born in and grew up in... This is the place that he is buried in the local cemetery with his mother. His Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather were from this town and it brings a sense of humbleness as to where the Espinosa family came from. "He was such an inspiration person", says Al, and "the kindness and willingness to help others", is what made his grandfather a person of admiration during his time.

Al and Kim walked through the cemetery for quite some time, attempting to find the tomb. Joesph Angel Espinosa is buried at the feet of his mother, per his wishes before he died. This shows the willingness that even in his death, his humbleness that he wants to be beneath the one who brought him into this world.

There were so many tombs, and several vey old, that it made it very difficult to find the one that meant so much to Kim and Al. Justin sat and watched the bikes, giving the Strope's their time to find the family member that was the patriarch of the Espinosa family. They met with the caretaker and have permission to place the headstone that Al's mom had made for her father. This is the only item they brought as a tangible concern to make the destination. Tomorrow the Caretaker will help them find the gravesite. The search continues for Joseph Espinosa and Maria DeLaLuz Guerreo Espinosa.....................

End of the Day.....After traveling and searching the cemetery, we decided to settle down at one of the 2 hotels that seemed worthwhile to stay at. The family who owns the hotel was there and cooked us an amazing dinner for us....

We had quite a conversation with them, regarding Al's grandfather, with the elder of the family...You can see that many people stay put in Venado, and you could see it in their eyes that you are not a local. The thoughts of who you were, and what you were doing there.....Extremely nice people and great to be around...

New Arrivals....Our friends Mark and Pat made it across the border and are staying in Saltillo, MX. They have traveled throughout Mexico before on their adventure bikes and love the adventure. This should be interesting since neither of them speak any Spanish and the in Central MX most people do not know English. Guess that's part of the adventure!!!

Tomorrow....Will bring the 1st day of our phase III of the Adventure ride. New arrivals, new faces, and the search for the gravesite....We are looking forward to the adventure.

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