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From Lambarene we went NE to a place called Ndjole to get the train. That didn't work out since it wasn't working...

From Bonnie:

The next morning we took a taxi to Schweitzers hospital site and spent the morning looking around the grounds and through the museum that now occupies his house. We spent so much time in his house looking at the pictures and all there was to see that we ran out of time to go into the old hospital wards themselves, one of which functions as a guesthouse now, though we saw them from the outside. Edward had stayed there and had described the accommodation in some detail, so we had an idea of what they were like anyway. We needed to get back to town if we were going to get onward transport towards Franceville and the Congo border.

As it turned out, the last bus had already left, but we were able to get in a shared taxi to Njole, where we were assured we could get onward transport to Franceville. Indeed, a minibus was just about to leave when we arrived in Njole, but it was full. Rats. The folks around in their street stalls with cooked meat, drinks, nuts, etc. thought another bus was coming - if not to Franceville, at least to Lope, the next town, and where the National Park entrance is located. It was about 1:30 to 2 pm when we had arrived in Njole. We settled in to wait. One of the vendors who spoke a bit of English agreed to let us know when the correct bus arrived. About 5 o'clock it was clear to us that no bus was coming that day, we would have to spend the night and try again in the morning. Fortunately, there was a hotel in town. Bonnie went to check it out. It was fine, the Papaya Hotel, 20,000 cfa with hot water and tv. Well, no tv, but who cared - it was all in French anyway, and there Was hot water. Yay! Our fellow and others told us to be back to the "bus stop" at 7:30 a.m.

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