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Puebla Rain

BMW shop

BMW Shop...New Spark Plugs....It's amazing how the BMW shop charged for the parts but not the Labor. They were extremely helpful, helping us as soon as we pulled in and the greeter then repaired the bike. Amazing service and he could tell what the problem was with the bike within 30 seconds.

And is correct, but did not have the part. Fort Collins BMW is shipping new spark plug wires that are failing to our friends house just outside of Guadalajara. They will arrive in a few days when we do so Justin will have partial throttle until then.

Laundry.....Much needed. The laundry shop made everything start to smell normal again...did I say MUCH NEEDED???

Cab Tour...The cab driver to El Centro was our tour guide speaking no english at all, but somehow we understood most everything he was saying.

Their are some of the worlds most amazing Cathedrals in Puebla and we started the night touring Puebla's Oldest Cathedral just before the evening Mass. What an amazing place and the photo's turned out great.

There is so much detail we could spend an entire week in just this one Cathedral. WOW!!!

Juan and Juliana.......We met up with our friends who live here and have stayed with us in Colorado.

They have an amazing story and the several hours we spent with them at the resturant was filled with great conversation, food, and drink. The friendship when traveling is such a great feeling.

The stories of travel from our adventure and Juan and Juliana's adventure from XPU-Ha to Columbia to Puebla and next to Fort Collins.

We had alot of rain last night and was hopeful for good weather.

This morning we woke up to blue sky's and an active Volcano outside our hotel room.

Today's brings travels towards Venado in San Luis Potosi where Alan's grandfather is buried..............

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