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Short Version……..

From Sea Level to 9,000ft above……..Amazing people……..Amazing Food!!!!!

More Detail…………

Great start to the day (with a quick pat on Justin’s bike to stay strong until we get to Puebla where the BMW shop is) we came across some amazing waterfalls that cascade into the river.

We ride up the coast winding up and down, over hilltops, passing ranches,

farming, and hillsides with Corn Rows. Multiple villages and always getting the look like, “what are these people doing here and what are they riding?”

After not finding Eyipantla Waterfall, and realizing that we would have to go back and add an extra 50 miles before our destination we stopped at a roadside restaurant. The grilled corn on the cob pulled us in. To find out they only use it to make the tortillas and the tamales. It was amazing having tamales wrapped in Banana Leaves. The family cooking the food kept bringing out more and more dishes and hand making tortillas just as fast as we ate them. Great conversation with them and the husband sat on Justin’s bike for a bit while we took in the moment of an unbelievable person who has probably never seen a bike like this but so willing to sit on it.

A lot of family laughs were going on.

Continuing onwards with our destination Puebla where Justin needs to get some new spark plugs a wrench, and the hopes that this fixes the issues he has been having with his bike. We also plan to meet up with our friends Juan and Juliana who are from Sereno (the project in Playa) and now living in Puebla MX. Looking forward to seeing them.

After passing Veracruz we went to a few amazing towns. The first is Cordoba. This has a great feel of comfort with lots of people, central plaza and cathedral, and the feel there is a lot of money in this town.

We passed by Holcim Cement Plant (they were also in Fort Collins for the last 40 years) and is a worldwide company. This makes sense to where all the money in Cordoba is coming from. The next town, more importantly, the mountain it is named after, “Orizaba”!!!

Orizaba is the 3rd tallest mountain in the western hemisphere, just behind Denali and Mt. McKinley. Justin climbed to the peak of 18,500ft. thirteen years ago. Amazing!!

The road around Orizama was one of the most unbelievable roads ridin’. Twisty turns and elevations that hit at 9k feet. As we passed over the temperature went from 87 degrees to 57 degrees (which we were not prepared for) and the fog was immense, creating more of a challenge getting past the truckers. You would expect to be traveling in low gear but NO, they try and go as fast as the motorcycle. Crazy *&^Truckers!!!

We ended up calling it a day just before dark at a town called Acatzingo about 40 miles outside of Puebla. We saw 3 hotels and went with the one that we thought would be the cleanest. Yet to find 2 beds, a bathroom with no toilet seat, a shower with no curb or curtain, and we are pretty sure the rest of the hotel is filled with their familia. If you know anything about the familia, including the Strope’s, there is not just one, but as many as you can get!!!!

So, we took a taxi into El Centro concerned about what we would find and came into one of our most favorite places where the people are so amazingly nice, giving, and wanting to make you feel at home. The massive Cathedral in such a small town amazed us when we arrived.

There were fireworks going off, people in the town plaza, trees with the foliage carved into the shape of houses, lights in the tree houses,

kids playing, and the feel of family all around you. We knew this was the going to be a memorable place. The restaurant we ate at was a small taco place that had probably the nicest people we have met on our trip (so far). This is what we love about Mexico!!! They brought us a sample of all their tacos to let us decide which one we wanted. From Cabeza (head)(and one of the locals looked at us like “I won’t even eat that, are you SURE you want to?”), to pork, Tripe (which we already tested a few days before), and AL Pastor that is always one of our favorites.

The food was great but the evening was just getting better when the Mom called their son Carlos who is studying English and Journalism at The University of Puebla to test out his skills. They brought his Aunt to film the conversation with us. Then the entire family asked to take pictures with us so the Dad drove home to get his camera and we proceeded to take about 20 pictures.

For a short moment we felt like we were Rock stars!!! The Dad then has Kim cook the food, Justin sharpen the knives, and AL cut the AL Pastor. It was amazing!!! The cost for all the beer, food, and entertainment was $5pp.

What a great day……..AMAZING People, Unbelievable ride, great food, and the love of life!!! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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