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The Puente de Alcántara. It is an arch bridge over the Tagus...

The Toledo Cathedral. It is one of the largest Christian cathedrals. It...

Looking down on New Toledo.

After breakfast our 3 metro rides to the train station went well. At the station our bags were check for the first time. Apparently this is done at all the Spain train stations. Our 185 mph ride to Toledo Spain was amazing. Going that fast through the tunnels can cause some ear pressure change and it doesn't give much time to view the landscape. We passed very few cities and the landscape was mainly scrub brush and a few trees with some farming. It looked a lot like southern New Mexico. We arrived in Toledo at 2:30 pm and were checked into our room in old town by 3:00. We would've arrived sooner if they hadn't put Old Town on such a steep hill! We waled across the Tagus River on the Puente de Alcantara which is an arch bridge built by the Romans. It's only a pedestrian bridge today and is very cool! We also walked through some parts of Old Town to get to our room with some roads as narrow as 4 foot wide. Later we saw the Cathedral which was immense. On fact it's one of the largest christian churches in the world. We're not sure why such a huge building was needed in such a small town. We continued to get lost, feeling like we were in Prague again The roads went in circles or at least that's what we were doing. We also saw a couple smaller churches and an interesting monastery. We went up to the 8th floor of the Library and saw some beautiful views of Old Town. During dinner we discussed many of the different restaurants where we've eaten during the last 50 days. We had a hard time remembering them all tonight so we decided to write in our journal that we ate at Café-Bar Toledo and had several glasses of wine with pizza and chips. Maybe the wine was why we couldn't remember all of the restaurants!

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