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Mexican Cyclists..........These guys are touring from Xantunich to Mexico City on thier mountain bikes. They are amazing with lights, sirens, fire at the rear, and the endurance to ride a Wal-Mart mountain bike on the Mexico Highways. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spark Plug........Justin's bike is not feeling well. We tried to give it some medicine(fuel cleaner), then we massaged it, patted it on the back, and told it everything would be fine. But then we decided to stop by the Doctor to get it a check up. When the placed the tonsil suppressor (socket set) it was stuck and took about an hour to get it out. Then we proceeded to attempt to buy it new bandages(sparkplugs)to secure the wound. After 3 unsuccessful attempts we decided the bike will have to heal itself.

Traffic.............The crazy mexican drivers in with double semi-loads made a bad decision and decided to flip the 2nd trailer down the road and put himself in the flooded median.

Overall, everything looked OK and hopfully the injuries were minimal but the traffic was backed up for hours, except for Adventure riders who made their way to the front and as soon as traffic opened up we could proceed.

Gas....OR NO GAS.....As we waited in traffic we both ran out of gas and watched the axiety grow with Kim in worries we would be stranded. But NO, we had extra fuel in anticipation this would happen.

We were not able to make it to our destination but had a great day overall with the minimal mileage covered. Tomorrow will bring Eyipantla Falls, where Jaguar Paw jumped off the cliff in Apolcolyto movie. Looking forward to the twisty roads to get there.....

What would life be like without an ADVENTURE? Be Adventurous!!!!!

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