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Wow. It’s the last week of living here in Urubamba. How did the time pass so quickly?

I’ve been packing and sending a few things home so that I don’t have to lug them around with me for my month of travelling. There’s still a bit to do.

I’ve also been celebrating with various people. As Annie is leaving on Monday and I’m leaving on Friday, we did a joint ‘leaving do’ on Friday – basically just went out for drinks with friends.

Then on Saturday, Maggie, Annie and I went into Cusco for another awesome salsa night. Got to dance with the great teacher from a couple of weeks ago and then invited him to come with us to another salsa dance place. It was great. A proper night of salsa dancing with no ferrels in the club this time.

I also got to catch up with an Aussie friend I met back in 2010 when we were volunteering in Cusco. She is in Peru visiting her boyfriend and came to Urubamba for the day. I took her around town and was reminded through fresh eyes just how picturesque the place is. I’ve even become blasé about the Chicon glacier that looms over Urubamba. It is pretty spectacular, but you do get used to seeing it and eventually not even noticing it.

Hopefully this week I’ll be able to catch up with another friend from the same volunteering experience. He was the volunteer manager and is supposed to be back in Cusco this week.

We’ve had some fabulous weather here over the past few weeks, broken up by some big rains as we are now officially in the rainy season. Luckily, the rains generally come overnight, although right now, I’m typing this by candle light because another storm has come through and the power company, for some reason, turns off the town’s power when there is a storm.

Last night in Cusco there was also a huge thunderstorm and torrential rain. It lasted a couple of hours and cleared. This morning was again beautiful and sunny.

Anyway, I’m keeping this update short this week – saving laptop battery time since I’m working without power. And sorry, no photos this week. There’ll be some new scenery shots next week as I will be in Chile on Sunday!

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