Christine's Adventure in India travel blog

taking a picture with my buddy at Anchal. He was fascinated with...

on an elephant ride

our whole group by the Taj mahal

elephant ride-bet you can't do no hands!

Tina, our yoga guru, doing a pose at the Qutb Minar

the 3 other Virgo's on this trip!

beggars at our van

check out how they carry ladders

street in Old Delhi

check out those power wires

how about that load?

a place to get a shave

school kids "driven" home-all 9 by one strong guy

chicken sales

I guess we would say "no turn on red" LOL

Hindu Temple

we left at 5:30 am to avoid the line. Guess I am...

Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal proposal-quite romantic

cobra snake charmer

working in the fields

decor lets you know which bulls are yours

matching sari

want some lunch?

summer lake palace

sweeping at the fort

Mom and babe

interesting instrument

another sweeper

village kids who go to school at the orphanage we visited

hand sewing done by women at Anchal Project

one of the Anchal women

most babies don't wear diapers

check out how they shave the camels to show them off

nice ornaments

bathroom doors had locks on the outside as well as the inside....

well, dead would be slow

India was an unforgettable experience with the sights and sounds indelibly etched in my mind. I made many new friends, survived the traffic, and was touched by the pride, stories and incredible bravery of the women of the Anchal Project. I don't believe there is any way to translate all of the emotions I felt during my brief but intense 10 days into words, but as I ponder it now that I am back, I will try. Stay tuned.

I hope that those who are interested in more details read the blog of my co-adventurers as they did an amazing job of translating what we experienced into words. The best place to read it would be (they are in reverse order, so if you scroll down to the bottom you can go back to where our trip began. Tina and Susan started their India journey at an ashram in the Northern part of the country in a remote place called Rishikesh-those entries are at the very beginning)

Returning home in a wheelchair was an adventure in and of itself. I could get used to going directly to the head of the line (particularly in the immigration/customs line that was at least 400 people long when I arrived and I zipped right by!). Now that I have returned, I will be trying to diagnosis exactly what is wrong with me (well, my back anyway-the rest is probably more than I can handle right now) and try adjust to running HOT water and toilet paper-just 2 of things I take for granted that I missed while I was away!

Thanks to all of you for coming along on for this challenging but exciting peek into a totally different world!

I am adding a few of my favorite photos-I have many yet to come.

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