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After finally riding almost 3k miles and meeting up with Ms. Kimmy it was time for a rest day. This was a day of catch up on work, life maitenance, and great stories reminicing of the ride we have had so far!!!!!

Kim and AL took Justin to one of our most favorite breakfast spots that those of you who have been to Playa with us have most likely been here. Amazing Breakfast?!!!

Jesus- Took Justin to our friend Jesus' house and he had his 1st experiance with "The Cenote". Amazing place to be even just for a bit.

Casa Playa Fina - Made it to the house at XPU-Ha for a day at the beach.

Laundry.........Definately needed it after trying to do our own laundry in the bathtub and the clothes we wore for the past 6 days smelled even worse than before we washed them!! Go figure!! Claudia washed them all for us and so much appreciated. Especially for KIM since she will be spending the next 2 weeks with us.....

Sea Kayaking - After touring the house we went out sea kayaking in the most beautiful beach in the world. Superfine silica sand, warm water, in the midst of the rain that continued throughout the day. Even with the rain we still made it a great day.

La Playa Resturant-remincing stories with our local waiters Jose and Angel. Avocado con Camarones y Papas Fritas. Amazing as usual. Oh yeah, cerveza!!!

Spanish Scrabble-yep, scrabble on a rainy day A la Playa!!!

Good bye to our friends at Casa Playa Fina- our handyman/security guard gave AL a Leatherman styl multi-purpose tool as a gift to use during our travels. Amazing he would do such a thing considering we hope he would use it more than us. All our friends are so kind and generous they provide so much love to everyone. To be in a country that utilizes so many resources they have, it is powerful to see that they are so giving and their gratitude is much appreciated by all!!! Thank you!!!

Minor CRASH (again)- With all the rain and the slick roads, after pulling out of the grocery store Justin did a 360 degree turn with the bike parrallel to the ground. No injuries but alot of honking horns. Amazing how he can hold himself up on a sea kayak so well but seems to find his way sideways on the bike. Water seemed to be an oil when it comes in contact with the slick concrete. When in doubt, GAS IT, the words of Mitch Maxwell!!!

Dinner, Skype, computer time- That says it all for the evening.

Follow our SPOT Connect GPS that we have going to get instant updates on where we are at throughout the ride. We are leaving Playa del Carmen tomorrow morning and heading to Campeche. We may not have interent service so our blogs may be a little scarce.

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