Moab Diner...

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The neon chicken..

The other one to look for .....

Last one!

We love geocaching, especially when the caches take you to beautiful places or introduce you to cool restaurants etc. Today’s cache turned out to be a really cool restaurant. You have to go inside and look for a funny Kokopelli chicken. They have a neon chicken on the wall and another one sitting on the counter. You have to take a picture with one of the chickens and post it on the geocache site. What we found was a cool cache and also one of the best diners in town. The Moab Diner is known as the “Home of the Best Green Chili in Utah!"

The locals eat here because they know the food's good and priced right. Visitors eat here because the food is filling and priced right. We had enough food to take home for another meal each. We had to try the Kokopelli Chicken they specialize in, it was fantastic. We are already trying to make the green chili sauce ourselves at home, that’s how good it was. :-)

We highly recommend this restaurant for great food and a very cool cache.

Cache info below:

Name of Cache: Kokopelli Chicken

The Kokopelli Chicken is the trademark mascot of the Moab Diner. The prominent image is a neon sign just inside the south entrance to the diner, a second is a metal silhouette sculpture sitting on top of the ice cream service counter, and all of the staff sport the image on the back of their uniform shirts.

Visit Instructions:

Post the GPS coordinates of the sighting and a picture with your GPS to verify that you were there. The representation of Kokopelli should be evident from the picture.

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