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One of the less well known uses for a card table

Trying to get to the bottom of the problem

Not a bad spot for a car park really

The view from the car park

The morning after the wind - you can see one of the...


Well, for the two nights we've spent in Devonport we'd struggle to tell you much about the place. We didn't intend to be here two nights but Pip has been quite sick so we figured we'd leave off the driving for a couple of days.

We found a cheap place to set up - really just the car park at one of the local boat ramps, but legal and reasonable. Winding Old Bess up we heard a nasty twang and saw one of the corners of the roof drop and knew there was trouble - it seemed like the repairs I'd done on that corner before we left home had eventually given up the ghost. We were all sleep deprived and so found a way to prop up the corner of the roof (with the card table!) while we unpacked and all went to bed. Everyone was asleep pretty quick and most of the family had a good few hours. Fortunately that afternoon I found out that the repair job was reasonably minor and nothing was irreparably damaged.

Pip was feeling progressively worse all day and has spent most of the two days sleeping, taking panadol and trying to eat. It's been one of those unpleasant headache, sore throat, sore tummy, struggling with temperature regulation type things and she's soldiered on pretty valiantly. I'm sure it's times like these that one would rather be at home in one's own bed.

On the second day Will, Alice and I went into town to do a few jobs including some laundry, and ended up passing a couple of hours at the local library. As we cooked dinner and got ready for bed that night, the wind and rain really started to pick up. Fortunately Will and Alice got to sleep before the worst of it but Pip (still not feeling great) and Sal and I were no chance of sleeping once the wind was really going. At some stage, perhaps after midnight, Pip ended up in bed with me while Sal went to try her luck in the car. I think Pip and I might have got to sleep after 4 am. Sal said it was quiet but uncomfortable in the car! Amazingly (and thankfully) Will and Alice slept through it all - sometimes we're so grateful to have deep sleepers!

As a result of all this - probably our worst night of the trip - we woke both exhausted but also very ready to move on and, with Pip over the worst of her sickness, we packed up and did just that.

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