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Area next to our living room slide-out

Hanging fern

Our recliners on the patio

Our new gas grill

Palm Tree and foxtail fern area

West wall of the shed

Planters with the ceramic cobra between

Ceramic steer head hanging on the wall

New edgers around the foxtail ferns

Planters on the east side of the shed

Ornamental cabbages with flowering plant between

Tomato plant and posies

The Welcome planter with a white cyclamen

Ceramic frog pot with vine

One of the major tasks we always face when we arrive at Winter Ranch is dealing with the yard. Avoiding yardwork is something Lee always said was the reason we decided to full-time in our RV - when the grass needs mowing, we pack up and move! But since we spend five months a year at Winter Ranch, we invest some time in the beginning to make our surroundings more enjoyable. So there are flowers to plant, weeds to pull and flower pots to fill and set out.

This year we decided to surround the foxtails we planted beside the patio last year with brick edgers and formalize the narrow walkway we use mostly to water plants and fill the bird bath. Understand, last year we planted the foxtails where we did to discourage walking between them and the shed. But they were barely in the ground when it became obvious that we needed access to the yard through that area so we decided we needed to protect the foxtails from having the hose dragged across them. And since they survived the summer with only natural watering (rain), we wanted to do everything we could to protect them. So off to The Home Depot for more of the edgers like we used last year around the front tree and the Sego palm. We basically extended the edgers that were around the palm tree to included the area where the foxtails are and used some rubber mulch to dress it all up. It turned out looking pretty good and we get lots of compliments from passers-by.

We also decided we needed some kind of statuary between the planters to give some vertical dimension to the otherwise low, horizontal planters. We went to Don-Wes, a local flea market that abuts the city limit line between Donna and Weslaco and found a ceramic cobra painted in the Mexican pottery style that fit the bill perfectly. We also found a matching steer head to hang on the side of the shed. After getting all that situated, Lee extended the patio block along the east edge of the patio around what was a pretty weedy area under our living room slide-out where we put our hanging fern. Add some rubber mulch and it makes a very attractive area.

There are still a few more tasks to get the yard looking its best (like pulling more sandburrs and planting grass) and we'll be doing those over the next couple of weeks.

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