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A welcome to our home stay in Ajmer

Women practicing the new design

One of the three groups of women on site

Monkeys near camel fair-there were dozens on this fence

My new camel

Part of the camel scene

We journeyed from Jaipur to Agra and then on to Ajmer. No wifi and no way to catch up on all the details in a quick entry before I get some much needed sleep and the group heads to Kolcutta. But here are the basics. We visited Anchal, the DFW funded site in Ajmer and met the women currently in training to do the sewing for the project. These are women trying to improve their lives and their children's circumstances by getting out of the sex trades and/or abusive relationships. The project has a new contract with Urban Outfitters for a special line of clothing which is a HUGE deal and will bring them much income. It was a moving and emotional day. The women were excited to see all of us and we took photos of each other. I had brought a card I had made of scenes from Southern Oregon and showed them where I was from ( with many had gestures and smiles as none spoke English) next it was on to Pushkar for the camel fair. This happens once a year for about 10 days. Lots of horses and camels for sale, a giant fair with 5 gigantic ferris wheels and many hawkers and salesmen. We took a cart pulled by a camel all around the many acres of grounds then several took a camel ride. I am suffering with sciatic nerve problems so I did not attempt to ride and it may cut my trip short if it does not improve. This group of women is very compassionate, helpful and supportive so I am taking it a day at a time. I can say that I have seen lots of unexpected things along the way: 4 family members on a single scooter, men bathing and being shaved on the side of the road, elephants walking through the middle of town, etc. so many missed photo ops from traveling too fast in the bus! More to come in Kolcuta I am sure.

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