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On Saturday we went to Merida after leaving Salamanca. We were so hungry so we decided to walk around a find a restaurant. it was so frustrating. I just wanted some real food, but every "restaurant" in Spain is a bar with some tapas. Maybe they have bread with different toppings on it but I can't tell you how tired of that I am. And getting snacks at the closest corner store. It was nice to get a big home cooked meal Monday a lunch (after my oatmeal for breakfast yummmm). As cool as these old, small, Spanish cities are, they're starting to blend together. It's kind of sad. This weekend I'm going to Madrid, then Paris the weekend after, so those trips should help to break things up.

On a side note, guess what I did yesterday. Nothing! Know why? Because of the lovely eye infection that made my eye swollen shut all day long. Even better: it was my good eye so pretty much walked around blind. Couldn't even read or watch tv. I got to sleep a lot, though, so that was pretty awesome I guess.

Sorry these last 3 posts are boring and/or whiney!

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