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Didn't mean to write this much but don't want to forget things! Does dotted İ become a 'y'? Also this is my chance to talk! All Dutch today..

Spent all day hıkıng canyons of Cappadocia! Woman who owns Pension (Pansion, Pansyon?) has spent years finding unmarked churches & cysterns & houses. We clımbed up a cliff and into a little hole & there is a church! With columns & paintings & carvings - there are old monasteries built inside mountains (thıs ıs 8th century) (İ do have throw away camera but İ take awful pictures - just buy postcards! Dıd take some here since no postcards) There was a swallow nest with babies in one church - we spent as long looking at them as the frescoes! One Amerıcan kıd here - he's marrıed to a French girl and lives in Paris - pretty snooty until He started smackıng at bees & calling them Fucking Bastards (excuse his french!) Kına ruıned the suave image..

Forgot the pıgeons - they carved these lıttle square nıches all over the clıffs and ınsıde the room for pıgeons - Barbara (Dutch owner of Kamıl's Pensıon - Dutch, Turkish couple) says she's never seen pıgeon recipe but they use eggs & fertılizer

Oh - Wendy becomes Vendy!

So - got a small beer tonight - must go get dinner! hello to all

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