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Fields of yellow on our way from Ballarat to Daylesford

Not something we've had to consider on our trip so far -...

Cue the creepy music...

A very small glimpse of hanging rock through the trees there!


With our fun at Sovereign Hill complete, it was time to make tracks for Melbourne.

We decided however that we'd head a little north east from Ballarat first so that we could visit Hanging Rock. Sal said she couldn't help feel a little eerie here, having watched the movie (if I've watched it I don't remember!). We arrived a little late in the day to climb the rock or really check it out much but we did have our own picnic down in the grounds below and none of us mysteriously disappeared.

The kids were very excited about getting into Melbourne this evening and it was lovely for all of us to reach the home of my sister Naomi and her husband Choi. Once again simple things like a real bed and toilet, proper kitchen, and protection from the blustery wind were greatly appreciated. Looking forward to a few days hanging out here!

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