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Granite Island

The first penguins we spotted today

Looking out from Granite Island

Some of the clients at the rehab centre on Granite Island

Alice and Will ready for their ride on the horse drawn tram

The tram approaches

An exciting moment when we spotted the Rolling Cubes house from ABCs...

The rest area looks reasonable peaceful on this side...

... but less so on this side!

Indecisive children: which state should we stand in?

Victoria, we've arrived!


A couple of hours down at the actual harbour seemed appropriate before we departed Victor Harbor today.

Under fairly cloudy skies we walked the 600 m causeway across to Granite Island and checked out the views from up on some of the granite outcrops. We also visited the penguin rehab centre (celebrity penguins mainly...) on the island and were there for feeding time. The creatures in question are the little fairy penguins (Australia's only kind, I think?) and we got plenty of amusement out of their antics. A lot of the little things had ended up there because of dog attacks on beaches - the penguins aren't real quick on their feet. On the website we'd noticed that among the penguins in rehab there was a Pippa, a Billy and an Alice. Unfortunately Pippa has since died and Alice been stolen, so only Will's namesake was still there.

On our way back to the mainland, Will and Alice chose to spend some of their pocket money to catch the old tram which is pulled across the causeway by a Clydesdale. The rest of us walked on ahead and met them at the other side, so hopefully they weren't too wild on the ride.

The remainder of the day was spent driving and our free rest area this evening is right on the SA/VIC border. In fact there's a line running through the middle of the rest area indicating the border. We're sleeping on the Victorian side tonight. I hadn't realised before reading the info here that there was actually a long dispute between the two states over a strip of land about 3 km wide after it was realised that 141st east meridian wasn't quite where they originally thought it was! After about 50 years of dispute, and federation in the meantime, the High Court supported the Victorian case of leaving the border where it's always been.

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