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The newly built church in Pisac. I couldn't resist the stark colours...

The kids from the school across the road from my place were...

Walking towards the plaza we came across these colourful ladies.

Not sure why they had this float.

The streets here are just too narrow for a plane!

The local mayor and others being presented with a fried pig.

Lots of people watching the parade.

The local market a heck of lot busier than a normal Friday.

At night the party really kicked off!

Different ruins I hadn't visited before on the outskirts of the town.

This weekend marked Urubamba’s 174th anniversary and the town sure did know how to put on a party.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there were parades around the plaza, food stalls, music and lots and lots of people. At night it was the same except bands replaced the parades and the crowd spent the night dancing in the streets.

People came from villages all around the Sacred Valley to participate, so it was very colourful with the native dress of each village being different.

On Friday night after pizza, we took a walk to see the plaza… lots of music and drinking (by the locals). I didn’t stay long as I was tired, so headed off home. I got woken up around 1.00am by the fireworks which sounded like they were going off right outside our property.

I went for an early morning walk on Saturday (7.00am) and it was a mix of things starting up and finishing off. There were people heading into the town centre to start again, and there were quite a few ‘still drunk’ fellas making their way home from the night before.

Four of us went to dinner that evening in a restaurant that is relatively new (a few months old) for their Thai night. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a Pad Thai! Nice.

Chrissy and Daz headed off home, but Maggie and I decided to go to a bar on the plaza to get away from the crowd, but to still be close enough to the music and festivities. There, we were entertained by an older couple… well, by the husband who was absolutely sloshed but keen to try and chat us up. His wife must have been a bit drunk too as she didn’t mind at all and kept lifting her glass up to us in a ‘cheers’. He was totally harmless, although he was a spit-talker.

After extracting ourselves from there we headed to a karaoke bar. Just like with the Pad Thai, it’s been a long time since I have done karaoke. But what fun it was! Dreadful singing, of course (by everyone, not just me), but still heaps of fun.

As Maggie and I were butchering a Black Eyed Peas song (Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night), a local friend of hers came in and joined us. Somehow or other we all decided to go to the infamous nightclub ‘Manhattan’ which is basically around the corner from where we live. Hmmm. How many years has it been since I’ve been in a nightclub? Decades. But, amazingly, it was fun! Danced a bit, got picked up a bit. All clean fun, of course.

Then today I headed back to Pisac for some more souvenir shopping with Maggie. It was nice to escape the crowds here in Urubamba for a bit. Although, I’m just about to take the garbage out, so I think I’ll check out what is going on in the plaza now. The music is pumping and I can hear it all the way at my place.

It’ll be an early one for me, I think. No karaoke or nightclubs tonight. Back to being sensible.


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