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Hello, beautiful!

Another of yesterday's giraffe herd pics

The lodge awaiting us last night.

A new morning spent on the river

Totally relaxed

Just love those ears!



Goliath heron - it is certainly a giant! Height 150cm with a...

This little fella kept us entertained with quite a dance routine on...

Late start this morning – breakfast at 7 and river cruise at 8. What a lovely way to finish our safari holiday, plenty of hippos, crocs and elephants. Disembarked on river edge close to a pod of hippos basking in the water and scattered a few crocs for a drink and leg stretch. One elephant was particularly entertaining. A young male on the river bank who made several mock charges, threw things around with his trunk and tried so hard to uproot a small tree that he almost fell over. He appeared to be embarrassed by this and backed off into the bush. Saw another group of elephants with several young wallowing at the river edge near the end of the cruise.

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