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Yep, nuff said.

What a place.


And now it's good morning! Sunrise walk with guide Haule

The deluxe condominium with several 'rooms' - also known as a Hamerkop...

And a buffalo weaver nest - also clever as they change the...

Young sunbakers - very cute bums!

Snorters starting a bit of a tussle

NOT HAPPY - move over!

Late afternoon drink . . . more of these next

Up at 5:30 again for an early morning walk with Haule and Rajab. Haule does this walk every morning carrying a very large rifle, just in case. Safety briefing was interesting with specific instructions regarding elephant, hippo and buffalo who are all unpredictable and therefore dangerous. Apparently any cats we come across aren't our main concern. The walk is unstructured and based around the animal tracks found, scats, vegetation, birds and insects we came across. The walk finished by the airstrip where we were picked up by a vehicle and returned to the lodge for a late breakfast.

Enjoyed a refreshing and relaxing laze around the camp/lodge until the game drive at 4. Went out with Rajab and Mtele - they worked hard trying to find a leopard which some of our camp-mates hadn't yet seen. Highlight was a large group of giraffe by the water right on sunset – photos might be a bit iffy because of poor light but a rare sight to have so many together.

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