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Taj Mahal

Lots of people want to take pictures with various members of our...

Celebrating our booties

Inside at the palace

A very small part of the palace

After every meal a combination do anise seeds and sugar are served

Today started at 5:45 as we headed to the Taj Mahal to try and "beat the rush". No such luck. We waited in the line until 7:30 and finally got in. The Taj was shrouded in fog, but the sky got a bit clearer as the sun came up. We left there and headed for Fatehpur Sikri. Following lunch we had a long ride to Jaipur.

The air here is very polluted and we have not seen blue sky since we arrived.

A few side notes-for my continued "growth" I have eaten all Indian meals ( they serve the same thing almost every meal so I am getting familiar with what I like) and every time it is Veg-Non-Veg by the waiter. The schedule is non-stop, so we are all exhausted and a bit punchy by the end of the day. Kingfisher beer is served everywhere and is quite good-better than the local Sauvignon Blanc. Tonight my roommate and I are sharing a king bed as that is all they had and the bathroom locks both from the inside AND the outside, so if Tina is pissed she may lock me in. If you don't hear from me, call for help.

At the Taj one of our group was commenting on the love story in the building and just then we noticed a couple and he was proposing. It was quite a sweet moment.

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