Binkley's 2013 Australia/New Zealand trip travel blog

Hundreds of Black Swans

Grey Butcherbird loves to be fed bits of meat

Butcherbird with his meat!

Western Grey Kangaroos from afar

Black Swans and Kangaroos

The first thing we did after some juice was to accompany Linda and Chiko ( their Bull Terrier) on their morning walk along a path just above the beach (the Indian Ocean). We saw a aboriginal park established in memory of elders of the past, along the basalt rocks on the beach, and through some beachside vegetation, typical of the area. Then while Jose prepared food for morning tea, we tagged along with Linda as she went to a roadside vendor for some local produce. How exciting it was to see the local produce already harvested in what is their equivalent of May....apples, pears, nectarines, citrus fruit, giant carrots, tomatoes, peppers, etc. It was quite a mix of coll weather and warm weather crops.

After we ate what Jose had prepared, we went with Linda in search of kangaroos, Black Swans and dolphins. The dolphins were a bit of a bust as we just got a glance or two of a couple of dorsal fins. The Black Swans were amazing as we had a tidal lake-like body of water with hundreds of swans! The kangaroos (Western Gray) were elusive as we spotted none in the expected fields on our way north. However, when we turned south to return to Bunbury, several had worked their way into view as they came out to feed in the mid-afternoon.

We devoured most of two very large pizzas between the four of us for dinner and then taught Jose and Linda how to play Farkel with the Moose Farkel game we had brought them from Grand Lake. A perfect day and fun evening!

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