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Larry and Cathy, WR Managers


Lynn giving directions on the scavenger hunt

We set out in golf carts

One WR Team who will play another WR Team

Cathy and Larry keeping score

Rita Up To Bat

Nora made a triple run and is on 3rd base

Trophy Gardens won the coveted Squash Trophy

Lee at the Costume Contest

Mary at the Costume Contest

Mike and Carol


Kathy and Dale

Diana, Carolyn and Lonnie


1st group of contestants

2nd group of contestants

third group of contestants

We're clapping for Dale



Winners - Darlene and Dale

The crowd for BBQ Brisket

The Dinner

Loved the Hat

The Golf Cart Parade







Diego, Edith and Natasha

Betsy and Merv


JD Announcing Diego


One of the Costumed Dancers

More Dancers

One of the reasons we come to Alamo, Texas so early in the season is so that we can enjoy all the Halloween Festivities at Winter Ranch. Today we had quite an agenda. We started at 10:00 AM with a Scavenger Hunt. Lynn, our Activity Director, had taken pictures of various items around Winter Ranch and Trophy Gardens. The hunters job was to locate all of the items in the pictures and write down the Lot No. and Park where it is located.

At 1:30 PM we watched the Boo Ball Bean Bag Baseball Contest between Trophy Gardens and Winter Ranch. The last few years Winter Ranch has won the trophy and we hope to get it again. First two Winter Ranch teams and two Trophy Gardens play and then the winner of that game plays the other park. At the end, Winter Ranch lost the coveted Squash Trophy. We hope to regain it next year.

At 4 PM we went back to Friendship Hall for the Costume Contest. Lee actually made it to the Semi-Finals but there were some pretty elaborate costumes. In the end Dale Loerch and Darlene Peters won.

After the Costume Contest the park had a BBQ Brisket Dinner and it was really good. The brisket was exceptionally good.

Following the dinner, there was a Golf Cart Parade. People from both parks decorated their golf carts and took off throwing candy to any observers.

We had to really hurry back to our place and change clothes so that we could get to the dance. We manned one of the doors tonight. We love Diego and tonight he had his wife and little baby with him. They are just so adorable and Diego puts on a really good show and it is always music you can dance to.

We really had a great day but we were pooped when we got home!

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