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This afternoon I saw the neurosurgeon recommended by my chiropractor for a second opinion concerning possible back surgery. He was very personable and he explained everything clearly. To my disappointment, however, he told me that neurosurgery is not appropriate for scoliosis; it should be done by a scoliosis specialist.

He showed me a plastic spine with some screws and rods installed. He explained that some bone would have to be removed and that the screws and rods were there to hold the bones in place until they fuse together. Such surgery likely would not give me total relief; I probably would continue to have discomfort and my back would be stiff. He indicated that I should not have the surgery now.

He stated that he has performed surgeries with the spinal surgeon whom I’ve already seen and that he is very skilled. He suggested that I return to him and ask for specific details on which vertebrae would be involved – and to take good notes. Then I should visit with another spinal (scoliosis) surgeon for another opinion. He gave me the names of three scoliosis specialists and recommended one of them in particular. I should be very sure I understand everything before I opt for the surgery.

Right now I’m not feeling very hopeful. The best thing to do is try for pain management. So far none of the procedures I’ve already tried have worked, though. I guess I just need to step back and try to think “outside the box” for now.

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