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Depoe Bay Whale Center

Great Pirate Costumes

Coquille River Lighthouse

Inside the Washed Ashore Gallery

Washed Ashore Sculpture #1

Washed Ashore Sculpture #2

Washed Ashore Sculpture #3

Washed Ashore Sculpture #4

Lake Minden

Our Sites at Lake Minden

After 27 straight months of volunteering in Washington and Oregon State Parks, we are back in California for 3-4 months before heading out on an extended road trip through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. We missed three of these states on our cross country adventure back in 2005/2006 so it is time to cross them off our bucket list. We are especially looking forward to our first visit of the National Parks in Utah and Colorado.

Since our last update, we spent two months each in Oregon State Parks at the Depoe Bay Whale Center and the Coquille River Lighthouse. We have volunteered at both of these locations previously and never grow tired of the beautiful surroundings. And, it's always wonderful to meet up with the many friends we have made as we move from park to park. Of course, in the past two years, we've added to this list of RVing friends that we look forward to seeing again when we return to the Pacific Northwest in October 2014.

This was our first time at the Whale Center in July/August. In the past we have worked there during the winter or spring Gray Whale migrations. We had hoped to see many whales up close because in the summer months they "usually" come into the bay to feed in the kelp beds. For some reason the numbers were down this year. Although, it didn't help that we had a stretch of 18 straight days of fog so thick we could barely see out our viewing windows. We did enjoy our first time being in town for the annual Pirate Treasure Hunt that starts with the firing of a cannon off the deck of the Whale Center and ends about 12 miles north on the beach in Lincoln City.

While working at the Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, OR, we discovered the headquarters, gallery and workshop of a wonderful non-profit organization called Washed Ashore. Their motto is "art to save the sea". I've attached a few photos of sculptures that have been created entirely of trash that washed up on Oregon coast beaches. They absolutely do not use any trash or recyclable products from any other source. All of it was picked up on the beach during a period of just one year. Check out their website at for more information and photos.

We recently became members of Thousand Trails and are currently enjoying our first visit at Lake Minden in Nicolaus, CA. We are parked next to our good friends, Robin & George Minder. It's great having friends/family so close after being away for so long. This park is only about 25 miles north of Sacramento.

We will be moving into our regular home base in Citrus Heights on Nov. 11th and will be there until the first of March.

Until next time,

Kris & Scotty

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