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Hallway 4th floor of Grace House-our floor

My room before roommate arrives

View from the terrace at Grace Home

A few busses

Delhi traffic-light at mid-day

Lodi Garden

Lotus Temple

Pigeons they feed on the overpass

I started my day with a traditional Indian breakfast of a thin crepe-like potato "pancake" with spices and home-made yogurt . Most of you will know this is already a stretch as I don't usually eat breakfast and I never eat yogurt-but when In India...I can honestly say the noise is overwhelming here. From the jets taking off and landing right overhead, to the pigeons to the honking, I have had quite an introduction.. My tour guide did say there are 3 rules in driving: 1. Have a good horn 2. Have good brakes 3. Have good luck. The last of these is most important. There are lanes in the streets, but no one is in them. They drive wherever they want, squeezing through the closest of spots. People walk everywhere and I mean on the road, not just that they don't have transport. The tuk tuks, scooters, pedal-cab rickshaws, buses and cars make for crowded roadways. Good thing the trucks can only drive from 9 pm to 6 am! My ride was at times harrowing, but very interesting. Lots of stops so I could shop even though i kept telling him i did not want to shop. I took a few photos as we drove. Tomorrow I will get a more "official" tour and hopefully have more stories.

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