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THE BOMB is a way to explain how countries end up in the economic situations they are in, and helps analyze why certain countries are the way they are. The film The lottery of birth compares what it is like to be born in the United states, sierra leone, and Cambodia. It follows specific families and what it means to have a child. It closely looks at the H in THE BOMB, health and disease, specifically looking at infant health, but it also shows the technology gaps between certain countries. According to the film, the United state is showing unusually high infant mortality rates, Sierra Leone struggles with its countries wealth due to military conflict and its struggles with natural resources. In Cambodia, the biggest issues faced are a lack of education, and extreme poverty, resulting in poor infant health and poor health in general. As seen in the movie, the son of a woman is the one responsible for collecting and remembering what each of his mothers medications are for and when to take them and how much etc... this represents what is necessary to remain healthy in an impoverished nation. There is little to know healthcare system, they do not even require instructions to be written down for medication. They also, in the case of cambodia lack convenient and available technology to make sure the birthing process is clean and sanitary.

The GDP of the united states is 335 times that of Cambodia, and the GDP per capita is 16 times that of Cambodia. Both nations may have their struggles in certain areas economically, relative to other parts of the same country at least, but relative to each other the united states economically is much more prosperous than Cambodia. By a lot. Even in some of the worst parts of the united states in terms of money and technology, it is still not on the same level as the poverty which other nations endure.

The Health statistics of the two nations is very similar in proportion. For example maternal death in each country is still present but in much different amounts. In Cambodia, 440 mothers per 100000 will die but in the United states it is only 8 per 100000. in a similar trend there are only .5 hospital beds for each 1000 cambodians whereas in the united states there are 3.5 per 1000 Us citizens. There are also more Physicians per 1000 people in the us than in cambodia. One more statistic is the percent of population using adequate health facilities, in Cambodia it s only 17% while in America it is 100%. Based on these statistics, the winning prize of birth lottery is The united state, at least of these two countries. It is easy to see how with poor healthcare, a country cannot support a healthy population and eventually have its economy be at risk.

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