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The other video I watched took place all along the West African coast, Togo was just one of the stops the Africa Mercy makes on its mission to improve the lives of the people living along the coast. In this entry I will refer mostly to Togo because that is specifically where the video took place. The bomb which hit this part of the world is mostly health and disease, a large technology gap, and also an education gap. To start, the technology the natives are missing is mostly modern medicine but specifically dental care could be of huge benefit, seeing as tooth enamel will cause very large facial tumors which would not happen given routine dental work. The lack of technology causes the health problems which the traveling ship, Africa Mercy tries to solve by providing modern medicine. One of the most troubling issues with the people of Togo is their lack of education. They believe that these tumors are a curse on those who receive them and people become social outcasts. This lack of understanding prevents the people from preventing the issue in the first place with proper dental care and ultimately, a sick and fractured community cannot prosper economically.

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