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The aspects of the Bomb effecting Egypt are mostly targeting the younger generations, and specifically include an education/motivational gap. Overpopulation of Cairo may not be at the level which there is no room, but the jobs available even to college graduates are non-existent. I would say that too many people to fit into a fully functional community qualifies as overpopulation, and this lack of available jobs is also hindering the motivation of younger people to work hard and find new ways to stimulate the economy because they don't see the point. The video I watched explained a program to hopefully encourage entrepreneurship in the younger generation. It set up a competition to see who could create a better business model and business as a whole. This seemed to be enough inspiration to stimulate young students to push for a better economy instead of just waiting for a job available in what they may have studied in school. The video also describes an educational gap effecting mostly women. Young women do not see a place in the working world for themselves so they do not work to better the economy however they are vital to the country's status. I see this as an education gap not in the country as a whole perhaps but a gap that if closed (between men and women) then their economy could easily benefit. As a whole education in Egypt is not the worst because their overall literacy rate is 71% (nationmaster.com) but it could be better. No doubt the other 29% includes women who did not pursue education. Their person per room rate is 1.3, (nationmaster.com) for comparison the united states ratio is .5 and India's is 2.7.

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