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Pia Glacier







Double Whisky time

Romanche Glacier

German Glacier

Italian Glacier

French Glacier

During the night we wound our way through a series of channels through the fiords entering the open Pacific Ocean for a brief period around 2 am which provided a bit of rock and roll, but no Elvis!

We the entered the Beagle Channel reaching Pia Fiord where we disembarked and did a short hike to a panoramic viewpoint from which we were able to fully appreciate the spectacular Pia Glacier, whose main tongue stems from the mountain tops down to the sea. During our time there we were constantly distracted by the noise of avalanches and the mini tsunamis they created.

We then continued along the Beagle Channel through Glacier Alley which incorporates Glacier Romanche, German Glacier, French Glacier, Italian Glacier and the Netherlands Glacier, all of which were different, but equally spectacular. To keep with the theme of each glacier, the crew provided us with snacks and drinks to complement each country glacier we passed!, so we were a very happy mob by the time we turned up for dinner!

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