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Bad picture of the plaza de Flores

So Halloween was yesterday.

After spinning on Monday I went to the market. As you can see from the pictures, even the fish get dressed up on Halloween in Cádiz. Very strange. I know haha.

On Tuesday, one of the kids I tutor in English told me that on Halloween people throw eggs in the streets, so I was looking forward to that all week, but it only stank a little! And I only stepped in one! Yum.

Wednesday at school we had another intercambio with the UCA students. We got in groups with friends we made at the first one and did a pumpkin carving and costume contest. We didn't win:( the girls in our group told us that no one really dresses up for la punta or even the bars, though, so we didn't plan on it. Then, of course, we go out and like everyone was dressed up. So that was sad. Although, I must admit it was nice not having to find a costume. And on the plus side I got to wear the new dress I bought in Sevilla so yayyyyyy.

On Halloween I had a lit test, which I killed, so that's good, but then I really wasn't feeling well so I skipped linguistics (oops) and took a nap. Still have a bad cold now, but it's a little better.

My friend's host brother is our age and dating a girl who graduated from UW 2 years ago and now lives here. They met when she was in this program during college. Anyway, a few of us went to her apartment of hang out before going out. It was a fun night!

Then I slept with actual doors closed in my room. Usually just curtains, but apparently when it starts to get cold I get to close the doors. Do you know what that means?? It means that I don't hear my family when they make SO MUCH NOISE very early in the morning and wake me up. In other words I slept in until 11 this morning!!! Also, when it's cold I get a blanket to sleep with instead of just a sheet yayyy. I miss snuggling in with my comforter. :(

Even better than all for lunch we had actual Chinese food, which was sooo delicious. Then for dinner, gyros! You may not understand why this is so exciting to me, but just trust me, it is.

Not at all looking forward to the rest of the weekend, though. My friend and I made a deal that we are going to do our Spanish lit paper this weekend. It's due in December, worth most of our grade, and the dumbest assignment ever. It's minimum 12 pages and we have to read two pretty long stories in old school Spanish. Aka very difficult to understand. The reason it's dumb is that it has nothing really to do with the rest of our class, and it's all on our own. We don't discuss the stories, or work on any writing in class, or do anything in the class or paper that is related to the other. Therefore I must conclude that this is dumb and it's only purpose is to torture us and waste our free time. I'm done ranting now.


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