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The effects of THE BOMB with the greatest impact of the country of Niger can b described as mostly Health and disease, but also a technology Gap and even bad geography. The article provided gives evidence of a technology gap by referencing primitive farming techniques, resulting in a food shortage and then contributing to the famine that sweeps the country. Scientists were even able to predict the weather conditions causing this famine months in advance, suggesting a poor geographical location of the country, so that farming is not supported. In terms of statistics for bad geography, Niger is landlocked, Malaria is present, and only about 11% of the land is farmable (Nationmaster.com) contributing to the hunger epidemic. The most shocking statistic and issue with Niger's strife is their infant mortality rate, at 122 per 1000 live births. (Nationmaster.com). This has a devastating impact of their population, and results in damage to their economy as the country has less workers.

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