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The three effects of THE BOMB that hit Haiti include a Technology Gap, bad geography, and most of all in this case, Health and disease. After the earthquake hit which can be be blamed on the bad geography of Haiti and it being at risk for natural disasters. The issues of health and disease are apparent in the cholera epidemics described in the distributed article, and finally the technology gap of their medical centers are preventing the cholera epidemic from ceasing due to unclean wounds not being fully cleaned for treatment. these restraints on the country of Haiti are holding it back in terms of economic development. The Bad geography can be represented by knowing that HAiti s near a fault line, and is at risk for seismic natural disasters. (Livescience.com). Haiti only has .8 hospital beds per 1000 people (Nationmaster.org), so with this lack of available technology, they suffer more in a health crisis, Also, only a 54% access to sanitation(Nationmaster.com) contributes to the cholera epidemic at hand.

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