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Of the characteristics of the bomb, the parts that are effecting the DRC the most are military conflict, and bad government as of 2010. The DRC is clearly suffering at the hands of the resource curse because the natural resources are very valuable to the production of modern technology. Since their Recent government consisted of a dictatorship (freedomhouse.org) typically through this form of government the wellbeing of citizens is not placed at a high value, and military conflict is free to attack the nation for profit from resources, funding destruction and continuing a destructive cycle. War broke out in 1996 as a result of authoritarian rule (freedomhouse.org) and as a result, new effective fair government with no corruption and actions to preserve human rights was nowhere to be found amongst awful acts against humanity. The nations economy was in no condition to develop when resources are not being used to put money into the hands of citizens but rather into the hands of the military to perpetuate conflict. It was the recent revolution that put the congo in the range of the military conflict range of THE BOMB, and recent dictatorship leaves its government in no strong position to aid the country resulting in poverty.

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