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The red dunes of the Namib Desert

Rita going up...tough slugging, the sand is very soft and slips away...

Rita running down...'twas a long way down...those are her footprints

Breakfast in the dunes with Rita and Josia...white table cloth and all!

Deadvlei..the most spectacular place of all...only 4 colours.



Dune called Big Daddy, this is the tallest sand dune in the...

Just another sand dune

The bit at the bottom is sand..yes that is the colour

6:00 am getting ready for sunrise on the was Edmonton cold,...

Dunes from the air

Sand meeting water

Flying low along the coast

We have spent the last 3 nights in the Namib desert and this is quite the contrast from the green of Stellenbosch. Our driver picked us up from the airport in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital. Windhoek is a very clean, modern city but we didn’t have a chance to see much of it as we headed straight off to Sossusvlei to see the sand dunes. Sossusvlei means where the water ends. Seeing the sand dunes was well worth the effort. They are spectacular and their color changes depending on the light. It is best to see them in the morning or at sunset to get the shadows. We also flew over the dunes to the coast where they “fall” into the Atlantic Ocean. Often the coast is fogged in, but when we flew over the weather was perfect. The highlight of the flight was when the pilot brought the plane down close to the water and we skimmed along the surface flying very close to the dunes. Blue sky, red sand, ocean surf – simply amazing and we felt like we were in a National Geographic film.

There are desert adapted animals here. Mostly ostrich, springbok and oryx and they get their moisture from eating the tips of certain plants. Sometimes they can be seen walking on the sand dunes and you wonder how they can live in this climate. Days have been very hot and most nights have been cold. We are in a tented camp and actually have air conditioning in our tent which is great for the afternoon rest to get out of the sun.

The food here has been very good and one of the highlights is the choice of game that the chef will grill for you. Choices include springbok, impala , black wildebeest, eland, blesbock, ,oryx, kudo, warthog, and ostrich. Very tasty.

On Tap and Board: Windhoek Lager and oryx, warthog and ostrich.

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