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Part 1

Just to do a brief introduction of the players on this excursion-Here are the names and the small amount of information I have at the moment of the others on this trip.

Debbie-Washington DC

Betsy-Boise, ID

Donna-Vancouver, WA

Susan-Vancouver, BC

HC (Heather)-Dubai

Tina-Milwaukee, WI

Taryn-Portland, ME (our fearless leader)

Martha-Abilene, TX

and me, of course.

I met Betsy and Donna at the recent regional meeting for Dining For Women (DFW for ever more in these updates). I learned that Donna writes the Food for Thought every month for the education sessions (a HUGE job and one she does quite well) and is a librarian/wildlife photographer, Betsy is also a social worker and an avid bicyclist (she just did a big tour around Crater Lake this summer) as well as a great program planner-as that was her job for the conference.

We have 2 physicians in the group (Susan and Martha) and Debbie is a retired teacher. Heather is an artist and educator and Tina has taught yoga for 30 years and does a lot of international traveling in humanitarian efforts. Taryn our coordinator has a travel business and previously was a wilderness trek leader for adolescents. This is Taryn's second DFW trip coordination effort.

With such an interesting, well traveled group it will be an enlightening experience.

As to final preparation-my carry on bag is packed, my personal item is heavy and I am checked in for my flights (MFR to SFO to FRA to VIE) Let the adventure begin

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