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I have been known to get in trouble when I begin to ponder different subjects.

In spite of that fact, I continue to ponder many different things. Today it just happened to be about how difficult it is to stay slim and trim while living the RV lifestyle.

I once heard a comedian say that T-shirts were responsible for men becoming fat!

The reasoning was that there was something about a man sitting around in his T-shirt, watching football on TV, that made him want to drink beer.

Well, that was funny, but there may be something to the thought that the RV lifestyle contributes to weight gain.

It is a fact that RV folks are generally social creatures and frequently gather in groups large or small, to go out to eat together.

I can attest to the fact that the most frequently talked about subject is: “Where are we going to eat?”

Even when we discuss destinations around the country, you will often hear, “Oh Yeah! I can’t wait to eat at ……” (You fill in the blank)

We have at least a dozen places we like to visit for a meal in the Colorado Springs area alone.

Numerous places in Cajun Country fall into the “Favorites” category.

Padre Island has some great seafood. (Ever hear of Dirty Al’s?)

New Orleans is another fine place to go for great food! (Think Beignets or Muffulettas, not to mention oysters, shrimp, gumbo, crabs, mudbugs, etc)

BBQ is a fine treat in many different parts of the country.

See what I mean?

We have been known to seek out a place to eat, which we learned about from watching shows on TV like “Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives” or “Man vs. Food”.

I could go on and on but to what end?

I haven’t even mentioned the “carry-ins, which are also part of the RV lifestyle. Hey that is what we do!

As I typed this blog I was nibbling on Caramel Corn.

By the way, where are we going to eat tonight?

Oh My! Life is Good!

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