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The front of Bill's Garage in Glen Haven. His car is in...

Bill's vehicle has been in this position for over a month

Getting the wheels on the vehicle wheel dollies

Bill is scrambling to get out of the way of work in...

Julie is taking movies of the action. Never know when you will...

On the wheel dollies the vehicle slides across the garage

Carefully backed out of the garage and free! "Duck soup"

It was fun driving in the mountain disaster area today

After a hard day, it's great to relax at the Southern Sun...

Glen Haven: Trip 2


Today was a work day in Glen Haven. We have lots to do and there is a lot of hard driving involved so Bill, Julie, and I were on the road by 8AM. Kerry had to work and Charlie had to sleep so they stayed behind today.

The road (there is only one at the moment) to Estes Park and Glen Haven is slow because of the construction delays and road damage. It took four hours to reach the FEMA office in Estes Park where Julie and Bill had a very productive visit while I took a nap in the reclined seat of our rental Ford Edge.

We drove up Devil’s Gulch road (Hwy 43) to Glen Haven to check into the Fire Station then to continue to Bill’s house to get it ready to live in again and get his Yukon out of the garage. There is power to his house so the heat, lights and water are now on! Getting the vehicle out of the garage involved getting it on vehicle wheel dollies with a hydraulic jack then pushing it across his garage sideways to the side of his garage where the drive was not washed out, lowering it off the dollies, then driving out the garage door. The job turned out to be easier than I thought it would be thanks to the help of Bill’s very good neighbors (Doug, John, and John's son, Zach). These folks really look out for one and other and they are the reason you KNOW things will come back in this community. It’s inspiring.

With the house almost habitable (Julie says no phone=no go… yet), Bill will be able to get home sooner than anyone had imagined would be possible a month ago.

We left Glen Haven at around 4PM, ran a few errands in Estes Park for Bill, then it was back down the mountain to Castle Rock. We stopped in Boulder for dinner at a great Pub/brewery called the Southern Sun which is managed by a longtime friend of the family Carl M. We unfortunately missed Carl this time, but dinner was sure good.

We finally rolled into Castle Rock at 8PM, dropped Bill off and gave Kerry a rundown of the day. It was back to the RV for Julie and I for a good night’s sleep at Camp Walmart. The Genset would not start! Oh well, it’s good to know I will have something to do in my “spare time” tomorrow.

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