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Local butcher shop

Shopping area near our hotel

Lane way to our hotel

Today we negotiate Beijing station to get the train ti Xian

We have enjoyed our time here and have found the people friendly and helpful, in particular the hotel staff. Greg discovered that the sole of his jogger was starting to break away and when we asked the manager if he knew where ww could go to get it fixed or buy a new pair he took it away and got it fixed for us for the princely some of $1!35 AUD. Later when we needed to catch the bus he walked us to the bus stop showed us the bus number to catch and explained how many stops til we needed to get off. Awesome service indeed.

Our hotel courtyard boasts a long goldfish pond full of goldfish which visiting children try to catch with a net. There is also a lone turtle swimming in a large pot. Greg is concerned that it it just waiting for someone to order one of the many turtle dishes on the menu. While we haven't been game to eat some of the offerings on the menu those we have had we have had have been very tasty

All the buildings in the older part of the city are either painted grey or have grey bricks with reddy brown doors and trim. According to our guide this is so all the houses look the same

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