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fall colours

sunrise at Qeens Quay

more fall colours enroute to Ottawa

Welcome to Canada!

Our flight had gone very well, but still,being able to read such a message (in English), reminded us how comfortable it feels to be surrounded by the familiar.

We had left our apartment in Spain just before 6 am local time. The temperature was about 17C. Aboard the train to the airport, it rose to 29C. Upon arriving in Toronto at 3 local time, it was bright and 7C. Kevin got off work early to pick us up which was greatly appreciated. In an effort to make us really appreciate home, sweet home, the Calafell mosquitoes had swarmed us the night before we left resulting in very snooze time. It was so nice not having to pull out our reserves to take the transfer from Pearson into downtown Toronto. And, it was fantastic to see Kevin, and soon, Kendal.

Kevin was able to take a few days off so arranged to take us up to Ottawa. Our 'great cities' tour continues.

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