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Bull fighting ring in Sevilla


Box seat for the royal family at the bull fighting ring


First of all (did I already say this??) I officially am a student resident of Spain! I have the card to prove it :)

This week at school started off horribly with a pretty difficult Spanish literature test and a 40 min group presentation about health and health care in Spain for my civilization class.....on the same day.

After that, though, the week was essentially over. This week there were education strikes all over Spain so Thursday classes were cancelled for us, even though the UCA kids were there only Monday and Tuesday I think.

Friday I went to Sevilla with my civilization class. Walking to the bus in a thunder and lightening storm without an umbrella made for an uncomfortable day in wet jeans and socks, but it turned out to be a good day anyway. I thought it would be cool with the class, but it was kinda the dumbest visit ever. We didn't even see the biggest attractions of Sevilla. All we did was a brief tour of this church (not the amazing cathedral, though still pretty) and visit the archive of the India's building. Did you know Sevilla was the main port of Spain through which every thing from the Americas entered Spain during the Middle Ages? But then, when boats started getting bigger, and the river in Sevilla didn't, the main port became Cádiz. In our free time I went to Plaza de España, which was gorgeous (sorry there's no picture), and checked into my hostel. My whole class left at 6, but I stayed because Emily (Sitler- fellow Lancer/Husky for those who don't know), who is studying abroad in Copenhagen, was visiting Spain! It was fun getting to see her:) we made dinner at her friends apartment and went to a club that night. Saturday morning I walked around alone waiting for the other girls to wake up (a 14 person hostel room isn't exactly conducive to a good night of sleep). I'm embarrassed to say in two days there I got Starbucks 3 times (hey don't judge! They have wifi...), bought probably too much stuff at Sephora (thought I was going to have to live without Benefit here but turns out I don't hahah), and got some stuff at Lush. Apparently I can't stay away from the American stores when I see them in the big cities. Oops. Later that day we went to La Plaza de Toros and took a tour of the ring. That was pretty cool. Then We went down to the river to see the bridge and hung out there for a while. After tapas I caught a train back to cadiz, came home and slept for a good 10 hours.

This week I have two more tests, though neither is going to be difficult, and Halloween! I guess you all have Halloween too haha, but I don't know what's going to happen here. I think we have an exchange of some sort with the UCA students.

¡Hasta luego!

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