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We had a wonderful day exploring Central Park by a horse drawn carriage. In New York City, horse-drawn carriages are a symbol of pre-modern life before the advent of motor vehicles. During this time, New Yorkers used to transport by horse-drawn carriages. As a result and over time, horses remained a symbol to New York City along with the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty and the street-side performers. Horse-Drawn Carriages are one of the rare ways to taste the Central Park history.

The standard carriage ride rates $35 for the first 20 minutes, you can also add more time if you wish. The only problem we had was the driver. He was a college student and never stopped telling us about his studies and how important his tips were. :-) It was very annoying but we managed to enjoy our ride anyway.

We also took a tour of China Town and had some incredible Chinese food. The prices for shopping in this area are outstanding. We are already planning a trip back closer to Christmas for Christmas shopping. We packed a lot into our two days. We will be flying back home in the morning. We had a wonderful vacation and a great time in New York. We are already planning a flight back for a weekend stay.

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