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The view when we walked through the door at Point Turton

Heading out for a stroll

The wind was pretty chilly

Is that really true grandad?

Stopping to smell the flowers

Grandma teaching Alice to gamble ... not!

The view from our deck - ahhhh


What a treat the last few days have been! After our noisy night by the highway on Monday we drove the last few hours down the Yorke Peninsula to reach a little seaside town called Point Turton. The Yorke Peninsula is the peninsula in between Adelaide and the much better known Eyre Peninsula, and right down at its southern end it's a pretty relaxed, sleepy holiday location.

Our three nights in a holiday house here were the result of another of Sal's excellent online voucher hunting efforts. And if we weren't looking forward to it enough simply because it was three nights in a proper house and real beds(!) for the first time in over three months, it was even more exciting because my parents were coming down to join us.

It was great to walk into the place and be greeted by the view out over the town and the water. The kids could barely contain their excitement, jumping round the house saying things like, "there's a bath in here!", "it's got a TV!", and "look how big the kitchen is!", as as though they hadn't experienced such things before! We spent the afternoon just chilling out and enjoying ourselves in the big house. Later that night mum and dad arrived, driving the three hours from Adelaide after catching the train from Melbourne that day.

Yesterday the kids (and us, when we could get a word in!) had plenty to fill grandma and grandad in on, and we spent most of the day doing just that.

This morning we ventured out for a short walk through part of Point Turton, enjoying an icecream on the way home!

We'd talked about Alice having a bit of a birthday party when we were with grandma and grandad but were a little stumped for ideas once we got here. Fortunately grandma came to the rescue, organising a short treasure walk through some of the streets for the kids and then, with grandad, shouting us all to dinner at the local tavern.

It's been a very relaxing few days here. The house also has a few bookshelves full of books so Sal and I have availed ourselves of a book or two each while we've been here. Tomorrow we head to Adelaide where mum and dad will spend another day with us before heading back to Brissie.

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