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Last one!

We are in beautiful Key West, we decided to take a trolley tour of the city. The tour was great for seeing much more than we could have by driving ourselves. I loved the fact that it stopped at all locations allowing you to get off and explore and hop back on at our own pace. The sun, quaint setting, and clear waters of Key West have lured visitors since its settlement in 1822.

The island is full of fun and exciting things to do and see. From the Southernmost Point to the quaint streets of Old Town, our tour took us to all the major areas and attractions. We wish we had saved more days to explore this incredible town. Both of us are bird lovers, so naturally, one of our favorites was the Audubon House.

The Audubon House marks the beginning of the restoration movement in Key West. Saved from being demolished in 1958, the 19th century Key West original is now a historic museum featuring the artwork of John James Audubon. Audubon, who visited the home in 1832, is famous for his exquisite drawings of birds. Visitors to the museum are given a guided tour of the house and gardens, interesting tales and facts about local history and the opportunity to see 28 of Audubon’s first edition works. Gorgeous antiques and time-period furnishings are also to be seen throughout the house, giving guests a taste of the sophistication and style of Key West during the 19th century. In the gardens, delicate orchids, pretty bromeliads, lush tropical foliage, an herb garden and an 1840's-style nursery provide a lush retreat. We enjoyed it much and highly recommend it to all our bird loving friends.

This will be our last update from the keys. We had a wonderful time and hope to return with even more time next visit.

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