We are having a wonderful time in the keys. Today we walked to the end of the dock at Robbie’s Marina and fed the tarpon. We saw hundreds of them all around the dock, it was amazing. See paste below for more information.

We also booked our deep-sea fishing trip for tomorrow. We are hoping to catch the big one. :-) We also found out they offer cleaning and COOKING of the fish at the resort we are staying in. Wowser! I hope to report about our fresh cooked fish tomorrow.

"History of Robbie's Marina" Paste:

Robbie and his wife Mona started feeding Scarface 18 years ago. Scarface appeared floundering in the shallow waters near the dock; Robbie saw the struggling tarpon and, thinking it had swum too shallow and gotten stuck on the bank, went out into the water to free it. He lifted the fish and saw that the right side of its jaw was torn open. Hoping to revive the tarpon, Robbie placed it in the oxygen-rich shrimp tank and called old Doc Roach. The doctor showed up with his wife's mattress needles and some twine, and Scarface became the first known tarpon with stitches. After several days of force-feeding, Scarface showed good recovery and weight gain; six months later he was released into the waters off the dock. Afterwards, Scarface continued to frequent the docks; sometimes bringing a friend. Soon more and more of the fish began to appear.

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