Where in the world are Wayne and Donna this time? travel blog

beach in Calafell in front of our apartment

beach goes on for miles & miles - gotta love it!

view from our balcony - life ain't that bad!

our own personal sunbathing spot and swimming hole

beach, beach and more beach

just as pretty as the sun sets

on our last night in town we wandered around enjoying

the sunset, the beach, the relaxed atmosphere

we really do like it here

can't beat the view

we are going to be sad to leave

and will sure miss the 30 degree weather!!!

Going from full scale hiking all day, every day to sitting in a vehicle most of the last couple of days has been a tough transition for all four of us.

We sadly left Logrono early in the morning and made our way back to Roncesvalles to pick up our extra packs we had left there a week before. A week of hiking (about 210k) took us 90 minutes to drive and that includes getting lost in Pamplona for a while!!! John & Robyn’s bags were waiting for them in the lock up pretty much as they had left them but Wayne & Donna’s – nowhere to be seen. After checking under, behind, on top of and around everything in the storage room it was determined that our packs had actually been taken to Pamplona (through which we had just driven about an hour earlier!) and were waiting for us in a downtown hotel. So back in the car, back to Pamplona (which isn’t the easiest city to navigate in a vehicle!), find the hotel and figure out how to get back on the highway heading in the right direction! This took all four of us and even at that we made a couple of wrong turns and went around a few roundabouts a couple of times more than most people do. Eventually we emerged onto the highway – perfect, except for the tolls.

We overnighted in Lleida and hit the road at dawn the next day, deciding to do the little roads the rest of the way to the sea. No tolls and a little winding but we eventually came out at Calafell, where the driver took a wrong turn and we were actually driving down the beachfront promenade “walk”way, past restaurant patrons and weaving through pedestrians for a couple of blocks before we could escape. The navigators weren’t much help as they howled with laughter leaving the poor driver to figure a way out.

Once we got parked (in an area made for vehicles - not pedestrians!) we wandered around for a bit before heading for Sitges, a quiet little community recommended by Rick Steves. It might have been quiet when Rick was there but it was really busy with a film festival and rooms were few and expensive. The whole crew just wanted to hit the beach but we decided to return to Calafell as it seemed nicer there.

We hit the streets determined to find the perfect place and be done with it. It doesn’t work that way in Spain as all the apartments are run by real estate offices and they all close between 2pm and 5pm. After a couple of hours of hanging around the beach waiting, the lady appeared and presto we had 3 places to choose from. She gave us the keys and we quickly selected a 3rd floor place right on the beach with an awesome view terrace. It was a little spartan but the view and a well stocked kitchen, as well as the price, sold us. We were soon toasting our patience, watching the sunset from our great deck. Home sweet home for the next week!!!

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