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Here's to Iguazu - note the spray from the waterfalls

From the Brazilian side





After an overnight stay at a Santiago airport hotel, we were on our way to Iguaza Falls in Argentina.

Our hotel is situated right at the Falls and the view from the hotel, and more so, our room, was spectacular. This close proximity enabled us to walk around the falls when the crowds were gone. We celebrated our arrival with a welcoming bottle of bubbly, managing to avoid a visit from a multitude of monkeys wanting to join us on the balcony.

We originally had a full day tour organised, but our guide suggested we split this into 2 half days, which turned out to be a very good idea. Thank you Filipe.

Day 1, a tour to the Brazilian side where you have the panorama of the Argentinian side of the Falls and a slight drenching from the Brazilian side of the Falls. Brazil has only 20% of the waterfalls whereas Argentina has 80%, so spectacular viewing from the Brazilian side.

Our afternoon adventure took us on a jet boat on the Lower Iguazu River into the Devils Throat Canyon and a very wet close up into the San Martin waterfall (How ironic, the waterfall was named after Bob who suggested we do this adventure!). We had been warned to take our shoes and sox off, but should have been told to take all our clothes off, such was the drenching. An awesome experience.

Please excuse the number of photos, had trouble culling from the multitude taken.

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