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Kolob Terrace Road

Kolob Terrace Road

We Climb

Kolob Terrace Road

Kolob Terrace Road

Fall Color

Kolob Terrace Road

Great Sky

See ya!

The View


Another Great Sky Picture

Lower Plateau

Climbing Again

Fall Color

Deer Crossing

People Live Here!

Kolob Reservoir



Heading Back

Upper Plateau


Long Way Down!


Fall Color

Heading Down

Kolob Terrace Road

Kolob Terrace Road

Kolob Terrace Road

Kolob Terrace Road

Resting The Bike

My Turn?

We love this area. We love our campground. We decide to stay another day. We get the motorcycle out and head to the Kolob Terrace Road.

The Kolob Terrace Road is a steep 20-mile drive that starts in the town of Virgin and climbs north from the desert washes into the aspen-covered plateaus of the higher elevations of the park and ends at the Kolob Reservoir. I copied most of that from the National Park brochure.

We head twenty miles west on Route 9 to the town of Virgin. We easily find the road to the Reservoir.

At first, the scenery is as we expect. We see beautiful rock formations and we climb. We stop many times for pictures.

We reach the lower plateau. We are not expecting to find such a flat expanse.

We again climb, crossing in and out of the National Park. We make one stop to let a mule deer cross the road. There are signs warning us that we are in bear country but we do not see any.

As we reach the upper plateau, we are surprised to see homes. There is a community here. Some may be summer homes but many are ranches. This road is not maintained in the winter!

It is three and a half more miles to the reservoir. We are going to make it. The reservoir is at an elevation of 8118 feet.

At the reservoir, we meet a couple from Bavaria, Germany. They are traveling in a rented RV. We have a long talk. They ask questions about the U.S. We ask about Germany. It is a great visit and we wish each other safe travels.

We are rested and ready to head back down the Terrace Road. There are fewer stops. We agree that it is a great motorcycle day. We put a total of eighty miles on the bike.

Back in Springdale, we head to the campground. It is time to shed some of our layers. It is cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon!

After lunch, we head back into town on the motorcycle. We saw several rock shops that we cannot pass up! Tomorrow, we head to Bryce Canyon National Park.

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