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Kumarina Roadhouse

Connor in truck

Liam in truck

Orphaned Donkey

Tropic of Capricorn

Day 3 – Karalundi to Newman

Another early start. We are not planning on having early starts, but we are actually quiet relaxed in the mornings & have our pack up routine pretty much down pat already.

Left Karalundi at 7:45 & drove straight through to Kumarina Roadhouse, where we got some lunch. This turned into a bit of a longer stop than we anticipated, but none of us were complaining. We got talking to a truckie & he let the boys have a look around & a sit in the cabin of his truck. They were pretty amazed by this experience. We then got talking to one of the people that worked at the roadhouse & she told us about a very young donkey that had been bought in to them the day before from one of the stations nearby. The mother had been shot. The baby was obviously in shock. It was just laying in a room, but was quite happy to be patted. I think it has come to a good home, as they will look after it very well. There was also a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, who like scratches. It would say “have a scratch”, put it's claw out of the cage & gap your finger, pull it close to the cage, then turn it's head for you give him a scratch. If you stopped it would start again.

Continued our drive towards Newman, with a quick photo op at the Tropic of Capricorn. Once in Newman, we eventually found the Visitor Centre & booked in for the mine tour tomorrow morning. Next stop, the caravan park & a much awaited swim. The weather wasn't extremely hot, but it certainly warmed up the further north we have headed. It would have been about 30ish this afternoon. Had a few swims, played some games & boys did some school work, so it was a nice relaxing afternoon. This evening the weather as come in a bit. We were sitting outside after dinner, when the lightning started. It wasn't long before we decided we had best head inside & just as we got in the rain started. We don't mind this weather, where it is warm during the day, but then cools right off in the evening.

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