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This morning started entirely too early for me. I had the alarm set for 6:00am as I was supposed to be at the hospital at 8:00. I hit the snooze button once and then finally rolled out of bed. I sure didn't want to though. After a nice long shower I was more awake.

We arrived at the hospital on time, and I was registered and waiting by 8:10. At 9:00 I was still waiting, so I went back to the desk to see if I had missed hearing my name called. They said one of the radiology techs had went home with strep throat and they were running behind. I was fine with that and patiently waited another 30 minutes or so. I finally got in and had my mammogram and was on my way to Walmart to pick up a few things before coming back to the park.

Shirley called and she and Fred were driving up from Conway to bring a grill that we are taking to Florida for them. They arrived about noon and we had a nice visit after getting the grill loaded in our car. They went on to meet Hoot & Peggy for lunch. They invited us to join them, but today I started my prep diet for my test that I'm having on Wednesday. So no solid foods for me today. I have enjoyed pudding, jello, applesauce and Jackie went to KFC and brought me mashed potatoes and gravy. But you can be assured I am a very hungry girl tonight. And tomorrow it is worse......only clear liquids. YUCK!!!!!!

All I can say is don't get between me and Cracker Barrel on Wednesday after my test, you may get run over. I may have two breakfasts.....

It started raining about 3:00 and has rained most of the day and evening. But tomorrow is supposed to be clear but cool and a possible frost tomorrow night. I don't like "possible frost" in my forecast. That tells me we may have to leave earlier next year.

Jackie and I were going to play a game of Manipulation tonight, but he got interested in the Mavericks basketball game so I read my book on my Kindle.

I'm going to bed now so I won't know how hungry I am until I wake up in the morning.

Until next time....God Bless you all....

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